Established in the 1950s, Fletcher remains one of the most sought after and highly appreciated luxury leisure powerboats in the market.

Years of heritage
Current Fletcher Owners
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Performance & Luxury

Fletcher pioneers cutting-edge technologies that delivers an experience unlike anything else.

What we do?

Drawing on over 60 years of knowledge and experience, Fletcher combines its much loved retro design with modern advances, supplying class-leading performance boats throughout the globe.

Our Challenge

Priding itself on the utmost quality and engineering, Fletcher offers something different and unique to its customers and is constantly looking at ways to innovate.

Our Commitment

Renowned for its commitment to superior quality, Fletcher is committed to bringing our customers an experience that’s backed by our ethos and environmental vision ensuring all our future products are made to the highest ethical standards.

60 Years of British Heritage

Founded in the late 1950s, Fletcher’s rich history spans over six decades. Grown from humble beginnings in Britain, the Fletcher brand has established and maintained a worldwide reputation for the quality, innovation and technological excellence it brings to the performance boat market.